We recently put out a poll asking people what they’re commonly hearing others say Christians are wrong about…

Here are the results:

Christians are wrong about results Christians are wrong about results pie

For the next 7 weeks, we’ll work our way through each of the top 7 results.

In this series, we’re not trying to debate or argue.. we’re simply looking at objections to faith in Jesus, and what a Biblcal response might be… it’s the starting point to a new discussion.

We begin with a few assumptions; that God is real, Jesus is God, and the Bible is His word.. big assumptions, but none of these were challenged in our poll… so we’re going to go with it 😉

See the sermon notes below:

Week one – Christians are wrong about… most things, but really they’re just hypocrites.

Week two – Christians are wrong about… Abortion

Week three – Christians are wrong about… Traditional Gender Roles

Week four – Christians are wrong about…Sex before marriage

Week five – Christians are wrong about… Homosexuality/gay marriage

Week six – Christians are wrong about… Science

Week seven – Christians are wrong about… Creation – Evolution

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